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Don't judge a book by its' cover? Often we find ourselves in the position where we feel the visual is of utmost importance. From logo's that give a company an identity to album art that will definitely make the difference in sales. We are an award winning design studio that helped many companies , people and products get an identity with the main purpose of branding or bringing sales to our customers.We are easy to access, offer a wide range on offers, easy navigation to social media platforms and our user acceptability is definitely one of our strengths


TheKonsept is offering accessibility, structure but not to forget flexibility, You can always be in touch with us and have a free flowing conversation about the specific graphic design you had in mind and try to work out an idea from here to end-product. With a fast turnaround time and always high quality design we distinguish ourselves from most other agencies. We see the importance of growth and expansion so our focus is to always stay on point and keep our flexibility for an optimal result and workflow

Who We Are

We are a dutch based graphic design studio, previously attached to the battlecrymusik group. Active as a collective of inventive designers since 2013, but since 2015 we started to focus on all kinds of aspects of the designing process. with a strategic plan and focus on branding we managed to establish ourselves and in the process of change found exactly who we are. An award winning design studio with a lot of built up credit. Working for brands like Ecko unltd, Sony, Mtv as well as artists such as Ne-Yo,Peedi Crakk, Christina Milian, Adina howard and Block McCloud. We deliver high quality designs at low prices and intend to keep doing so to be accessible to the smaller companies, artists and brands.

  • user acceptability , 96% of first time customers felt highly satisfied with the end product , 80% of these customers returned.research conducted by the market research society 2017 **
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    • bobby splash
      Throughout the years we have worked a lot alongside thekonsept , always a great experience and results. currently working on a new movie "A lovers scorn". thekonsept came through once more on the cover
    • adam22
      Strategic planning and patience was key to get some products pushed through. awesome job on the fast delivery
    • NF
      As a songwriter and artist myself i understand the importance of visual representation. Thekonsept has always been a very powerful and skillful team, hoping to do more work in the future
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    What holds people back isn’t the quality of ideas, but lack of faith in themselves. You have to live your life as if you are already where you want to be.

    Russel Simmons


    It wouldn't make much sense to add a pricing table for everything we are offering so we chose to setup one for our most ordered designs. If yoiu wish to purchase one we would like to point out to be in touch with us to talk about the specifics of the design first. Upon agreement we will send you a paypal invoice (currently our only way of receiving payments but expanding this soon). This will make sure we have come to terms with the pricing and development of your project and we will be obligated to work on your order. We added a timeline to our tables depending on how busy it is to buy us some time but we often deliver faster than the time given and often overdeliver too. no rush jobs, we will only deliver the highest quality possible you will find on the net. Please not the pricing is set, if you wish to have a cover for your album, mixtape or single it is all within the same dimension and should all be high quality so we do not differentiate



    Logo Design

    • high quality print ready

    • turnaround time 2 days

    • also as transparent background

    • 20% discount if combined with motion graphic



    Album Art

    • high quality print ready

    • turnaround time 5 days

    • got a tracklist ready? free of charge

    • optimized for digital distribution



    Flyer Design

    • high quality print ready

    • turnaround time 5 days

    • 8,75" x 11,25" optimal size landscape or portrait

    • info on the backside? no problem at all



    Motion Graphics

    • 2 versions, one for IG and one for larger screens

    • turnaround time 3 days

    • works with your own logo

    • 20% discount if combined with us designing your logo

    feel free to be in touch with us if you have any questions , orders or ideas for us to improve our site/services , constructive feedback is always welcome

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    Focus and Drive

    We have been delivering results at a 100% success rate since 2013. We have climbed up on the ladder. Now proudly calling ourselves an award winning graphic studio.

    Coming from humble beginnings and knowing how hard it can be to start. Before you get to a certain level of establishment in your niche you need hard work and dedication.

    Since visuals are very important on markets nowadays we are offering a wide range of graphic designs. Even motion graphics is one of many things we offer. These you can find on our seperate page here.

    We are easy to find at our social media outlets too. visit us on twitter . Or you can find more graphics on our instagram page.
    Also facebook is a must have for our award winning graphic studio


    besides an impressive collection of designs we have added some of our satisfied customers in our testimonial section. Keeping the quality high but at low costs to be accessible to anyone out there trying to gain from our services. Our focus and drive is to always achieve what is possible to think of and give it a twist of our own as a signature mark. we shall always keep this as our main goal. To be seperate from others.