Latest Works

Just some of our latest works, of course this is not all we have to show you, We have a lot more to offer in the world of graphic designs, photoshop and photography. From logo designs to album covers, edits and touch-ups, hyperrealism, fantasy art, headers, banners , business-cards, flyers and a separate canvas-store, if you wish to see more designs you can visit our portfolio section by simply clicking the link below.



Please use the form if you have any questions or would like to discuss your personalized project being made. The desired outcome, whether this would be a logo or an album cover would vary in price depending on the level of difficulty. we do have a little guideline setup.

Also you can also contact us through social sites listed in the footer or header. keep in mind that the pricing listed below is an estimate of what the costs would be for a specific design and does not apply for canvass art. you can find that in the shop here

Logos: €35
Headers/banners :€45
Businesscards: €40
Albumcover: €70 (same goes 4 /mixtape/singles)
Flyers : €80
Posters: €90
Bookcovers: €100

depending on the project this is an estimate, please be in touch.
If you wish to read the term and conditions on how we work you can find this here

about me

My name is Stephan Dubbeld,
I’m a Graphic Designer
and owner of Thekonsept

One of the things we always tried to keep in mind is to grow big by staying small. Meaning our approach on different project you can hire thekonsept for usually takes communication, planning, and having a free flowing conversation with our clients.

Our way of working has proven to lead to many successes and satisgactory outcomes of differen projects. Whether this would be about a logo , a header/banner/ businesscard, album cover art or canvass prints.

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