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We would like to welcome you to a journey of eye-catching visuals and affordable customized art. With a team that changed form and focus throughout the years and constantly expanded we are finally here. A fast growing graphic design studio, with focus on branding for all kinds of markets.

We tend to the needs of those in need of a grabbing design, Often working for media companies, the writers community, independent music artists or established record labels, but just as easily accessible for individuals looking for custom portrait work or event managers in need of flyers.

Our possibilities are endless and are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver the highest possible quality designs.

the faces behind the art

the team

Ever since THEKONSEPT started Out in 2013 it was part of a record label and almost worked exclusively in the music industry.
In 2016 the original formation started under their own name and started expanding and re-shaping. Ultimately at the end of 2017 THEKONSEPT
started to receive a lot of media attention and ever since been published in several magazines and started working with / alongside other companies and individuals with one key goal in mind :
Growing big by staying small.



Social media marketing and promotion, with an excellent approach, Astrid is a true valuable asset to our small team. expanding by tapping into markets creating opportunities and
welcoming new challenges.



Mitch used to be a freelance photographer and editor . For years he has been part of to thekonsept and his influence does not stop with these qualities. Definitely the joker and
his optimistic nature is all bonus



Founder and graphic designer, bringing just that extra touch to 
the word creativity, a social and knowledgeable designer
and always willing to go the extra mile
if needed

What can we offer you

Why Choose Us?

unique vsion

We guarantee you we will always come up with a unique vision
that has proven to have worked for many brands in terms of identity or just to get noticed in between a mass of competitors, ultimately leading you to get ahead of the competition in your niche

Communicative skills

The hardest part of a conversation is actually listening, we offer many platforms to be in touch with us on the social markets and through the site to discuss your design, bounce ideas of one and other and come to a plan from which we shall work.
We try to answer any question as soon as possible 


Never would we limit ourselves to catch the biggest fish in the pond. We work with the same pleasure  and enthusiasm for an upcoming writer than a well known established company. every client is equally important to us which is why 85% of our customers return to enjoy the services we deliver

no limit

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Over the years we have come to the realization that visuals stimulate growth in sales, in identity awareness and in global marketing.
Studies have proven chances of visibility in a simple tweet where an image is used, increases with 44% of being seen and liked.

Never judge a book by its cover? This is true as wish to know the content.but the visual appeal for you to open up a book and actually read the content goes up by 90% from a simple plain white cover to a stunning and eye-catching visual.

This applies to all kinds of markets and its hard to give an estimate on specific works, therefore we have no standard rates for images and we
would love to hear from you and what you are looking for so we can give u a fair price on what we are able to create for you.

Feel free to use our form below or get in touch with us through the links provided of our social platforms.

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