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We are back with a series of new motion graphics, these are pre-made and will be able to hold your logo (or text), whether you already have one or let us design one. As an offer we decided to take off 20% of the entire pricing when you decide to let us create your logo design and create the motion graphic of your choice below. If you already have a logo but want us to make you one of these motion graphics the pricing is as above mentioned.Please make sure to contact us via the contact form below so we can take a look if your logo is suitable for the project. sometimes if the logo is made from one piece, like a circle with letters inside, we aren't always able to make them. please be in touch with us for any item we offer as seen above in the pricing table or any other kind of graphic design.feel free to look around at these stunning visuals, great for smaller screensizes and for very large ones. we deliver in two different filesizes so its easier to upload the smaller one to your social media , while the bigger filesize would give you the ultimate wuality through youtube or vimeo. even played on your television screen the visuals are high quality.we are planning to have a rotation of new motion graphics back up every so often and the one you liked may no longer be available


feel free to be in touch with us if you have any questions , orders or ideas for us to improve our site/services , constructive feedback is always welcome

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