Amazing Journey

Always been deeply connected to the world of music as i was an audio engineer before, it was simple math to keep in touch and expand Thekonsept quite fast under music artists. The requests
for album covers is one of the most i see and the more i advance in my work the more requests there are in complexity. One of which was an artist named Banzy who came out with an album title called “mechanics of the heart” and pitched the idea of a human heart but made into a mechanical device.

One thing i can not point out enough is that when it comes to custom made designs is that communication is key, in this case i was given complete artistic freedom but he did send some images of himself to me. It wasn’t an easy job and a lot of color correction was needed on this particular piece. No artwork is the same and requires different techniques. So first i used a stock image of a human heart and got all parts of machines, engines and more to integrate. once satisfied with the result i placed his image behind it but the image on its own he had both arms down his sides. After placing him there i knew i wanted to create a hole where his heart should be but at the same time have him hold the heart instead of it floating in mid-air. So i cut o his arm (savage) and took a picture of my own hand as if i was holding an object. the Problem is that i’m a white man and he’s a black man. this would not look correct of course. So by taking samples of both our palms i was able to correct my skin-color to match his.

All though tricky to do, all you need is a color palette of red,green and blue to get the right values matching the color you want to go for. Once successful in this mission i added in a background in the same color-scheme originally used and the final result i could not leave to put on the website. Such an amazing journey through the creative mind.