Color Grading

Gathered together from a ridiculously high priced company that sells tutorials on how to create things, i shall not be mentioning names but this company is covering basic steps to tell you this is needed to become a pro. I reversed a lot of imaging i saw as i sure am not spending a boatload of money on something i don’t need. And i found that pretty much most of the images are coming from wallpaper sites, free for use no illegal business, but what they do not tell you is that these images are worked on already. i conducted a little experiment and gave it a little twist. in their example they changed the clothing to make the woman appear as Snow-white and added a lot of sweets to it. certainly not a bad job but personally i find it challenging to see what i would do with the images given. i did not find the need to change the model into a Disney character and added a nice wolf.

The fantasy in this was not to have the wolf as close to the model, it was the color grading i believe was worked on by a single slider in their example, i took this up a notch by rebuilding and shaping to create more depth and drama like a cinematic effect. In short, color grading is pretty much distinguishing highlights from shadows by (often) taking a warmer color set off against a cooler color in the spectrum. when established that you can try to find a range of how much u wish to show of this by adjusting midtone levels. balancing it out until you are satisfied. there is no right or wrong in the outcome but the way i worked gave me a lot more control over the final image. In my opinion this “professional” company dropped the ball on telling you how to become a pro but trying to keep it as simple as possible without telling anyone they can have more control. Thekonsept is not in a business to sell or make tutorials as these are tricks of the trade that to me are more valuable to put a pricetag on.