As a big fanatic of documentaries and images of wildlife it’s always an extra motivation to use this is my artwork. In this case i took the imagery of a desert lynx vs. a lioness.
These species would normally never cross paths but the similarities and the depicted ferociousness attracted me in the images found separately (free stock on pexels). Thos made me decide to leave a lot of the background so it wouldn’t distract from the focal points in the image. The fun about creating these is that it’s again up for interpretation,
would one of them win in battle, do we go for the underdog (cat) or do we assume the lioness would swallow the smaller creature whole? the background consists of a bit of fog and a light-source to get just enough detail in these beautiful big cats visible.

A welcoming aspect of creating different elements in a design is the fact that there is not always skin-texture to be taken into consideration and different textures require different ways of blending until it gets a satisfactory outcome. In this case a lot of people let me know through our social platforms there was a lot of interest in this piece on a canvass print. and who are we to deny these requests? You can find it in our shop in various sizes available.