Crossroads came to mind whilst working on this project i wanted to create something dark, yet not in a horror type of image, but somehow capture a thin line between emotions. Art itself is free of interpretation and it can of course always be viewed differently but the intent here was to create an image that had both a dramatic or sad
story to tell and on the other it’s the freedom of expression, a relief of some sorts.
Blending in a dramatic sky does a lot, The model used to create this photo-manipulation had a lot of hair to cutout which is still one of the most tricky things to do for any designer, especially from a busy background the original image had. So we create our own brushes and used a pressure sensitive huion tablet to add some lost hair back in creating a dynamic flow. In my own view the blending part was difficult to get right but more because the variety of options.
soon i will be uploading some speedart videos to show how an image can be changed to a completely different type of artwork.