dark fantasy

Having a variety of skills or be as allround as possible is definitely helpful as an artist, the key is to hold on to your own signature workflow. This Dark fantasy artwork is definitely different from other works done but it shows this is thekonsept’s work, though the work had been done before but most stock images were replaced it’s a rebuild to my own liking. one where i left things out and added things in. getting back to the roots and basics to how u once did it and perfecting the work. Not to say it can not be done better, if there is no room left for improvement we wouldn’t be artists. In every type of artform this is the same, either you are a knitting fanatic , a writer or a tattoo-artist, you are never done learning. Going back to the basics and roots of earlier work will give you more insight and by this time you developed different skills to get to an outcome you are happy with. This dark fantasy piece is definitely one of those images i am extremely proud of. To have more control over techniques and layers showed me i learned a lot more. Even after all these years i am still learning and the day i feel there is nothing left to learn will be the day to quit; smething i am definitely not counting on, ever.