In and out of focus

This surrealistic maze is being viewed from a keyhole which means we see this part as in a pattern of a keyhole. This being closest to us i created this with a certain amount of blur
and added an ant in lifesize compared to the focal point that has no blurred part which is the woman and the key. As this is the main focal point there is already depth of field, but when we start to get into focus the background is in need of blurred areas as well to create the out of focus depth. This creates an interesting feel to an image. Quite often used in movies nowadays where for instance a shot of a busy street with a lot of cars are being brought in and out of focus, Almost triggering our minds to think these are dinky-toys but as soon as the scene goes on and the focus of the lens is being brought back and we zoom in some more with the angle we start to see these are actually life-size cars.

A great technique to apply in surrealism and something i’m exploring a lot more in depth, (pun intended)