Hidden Door

Sometimes when stuck on a project i can fall back on the opinions of others in my team, see what they could contribute to a nice an solid composition, but normally in assignment an image forms inside your mind, it wasn’t too hard come up with ideas like this as a beautiful piece of landscape mixed in with another is already showing the path you want to stay on. This forest is filled with smaller and bigger animals and the resized glowing butterflies already give a lovely fantasy effect. A wonderful image of a little boy and girl that should not be there somehow adds to dreamy world.

The problems, but also the most fun part to puzzle with is knowing the light-source, how it reflects on the various focal points in the whole composition and of course where shadows would cast. sometimes shadows cast from certain textures or fabrics and some soak in the shadows casting. with the new shop opened you will see more of this type of work but still focused on all assets of the designing process, from logo’s to book-covers.