One of my latest projects i did was for an album as a collection of musical talent up in Lexington. It is yet to be released on all major platforms once songs are all finished by various artists. all though i do not know every single individual (but a lot of them) the one who gave the assignment is my friend cok3. Soon as he came to me through instagram with this i knew this was going to be big, and i needed it to be big, high of energy. being hip hop artists on this album i wanted everyone to immediately think “wow that’s something i now definitely want to be on” and after a back and forth exchange on ideas ( i like to work like this as this is more personal and you can grasp more of the idea and get to a great outcome) the choice was obvious to have an image of a city, the apocalypse was brought down upon cities soon as the artists from lexington came to set them on fire lyrically. the action expanded by a helicopter , a depth by an uphill piece of texturized rock and a man watching it crumble definitely added to the dramatics as you can often find back on song in this genre.The smoke and fire elements, the colors on its own scream for action as this is going to be the next best thing. and i assure you as a hiphop-head. It will