Personal Project

As a creator and creative person i sometimes come to projects that are extra special to me as this one i made for the (in my opinion) most underrated singer/songwriter Jacob Lee.
His songs and lyrics accompanied by deeply felt emotion is exactly what draws me to his music for years now. A personal project i worked on as i am able to do for other people as well can be found in the shop sections as well, for fan-art these will be canvas prints including worldwide shipping but as its custom the pricetag on them will be a little higher than the ones already available.

Jacob Lee was more of a personal project for me and i understand everyone has their own likes, wants and needs so they will be created with just as much eye for detail and quality and will give you something unique. nice as a gift or for yourself. The freedom of art is always never-ending and each result will have a different outcome, and since they are created by reference they aren’t subjected to any copyright violations. The story behind this project started with a tragic story of the loss of my daughter and my spotify was just randomly playing music from artists i like listening to, i stumbled upon a song that was identical to my story. and from then on i have played his music or at least that song each day and he pretty much knows to hit me with every song made like we lived an identical life. Though this was made as fan-art for myself i tagged him in a social post when i put the image up and he responded. this was the highlight of the month.