Romans was a custom made canvas piece created a while back. This client asked me to create a surrealistic image with elements of the roman empire embedded.
Not being much of a historian myself i had to dig deep to some history lessons i mostly missed by doodling notes in school. Of course not completely without a direction i wanted to go for a dark image to fit in some elements rather than a realistic portrait of a battle being fought. It dawned upon me that “Time” was a big factor here and Roman numerals weren’t a far fetched idea. The idea of fighting for a cause almost in worshiping heritage and pride in being a soldier ready for battle put me on a search for multiple images that would be fitting. a soldier in armor resting his sword suited me but the hardest part was his cause.

Having “time” in mind i decided his cause was for his safe return back home. to his goddess, a woman who who was worshiped by many i chose to create an image of Minerva, often depicted with her sacred creature, an owl usually named as the “owl of Minerva” . i added this in. My artistic freedom didn’t ask to be limited to historical accuracy but to know how Minerva looked was up to my own idea, it was more troubling on how to depict her as a goddess, this was where i created my image of her face surrounded by a worn out clock of roman numerals, adding back in some color to give it a little bit
more edge and ultimately having her as my mysterious centerpiece. Adding mist and feathers for contrast and depth did a lot of good to her image as well. Not only pride i took in this particular artwork, i also brushed up on some of the things i missed in school. i guess this was more of a fun way to learn.