The skycity is a piece of fantasy art that somehow never was published before. Sometimes you just come across some older work and do a little editing to what u feel doest the entire image justice, in this case adjusting the color hardness in shadows and lights needed a little touchup but beyond that i was fairly happy with the results of this. a part of a city on a floating sky being held together by chains. you can see parts are blurred so you see it from a lens and it creates a better idea of how close things are to the lens and what the focal point is.

Sometimes its good to look back at older work , you can see how you would do it now compared to how you did it ad see if you improved on skills. it of course depends on the created image but it sure i something i like doing personally to understand things better and to go over some basics again.sometimes the brain is too full of information you can forget every once in a while, always good to brush up on this.