Stay With Me

In a strange time in a strange world where the pandemic of covid-19 rules and an uprise of the black lives matter movement is at it’s peak i took on a personal project.
Stay with me is about lending a hand, though shaking of hands was frowned upon or even punishable by law in some countries i felt in the world of art we are able to.
We are able to speak through music, through art, through talks, from mobilizing, strategizing, from finding solutions for smaller problems to tackle the entirety.

We often project ourselves, quite often through ways we don’t even see or realize we are doing it, but voices can and shall be heard. But in a time of crisis, where some
ways of projecting ourselves is through anger, bitterness, hatred, destruction i felt this piece conveys my message to all out there somehow affected by the changed world that took
us by storm. “Stay with me”, “hang on tight, we will need each other, no matter what color , race, gender or preferences.”