The Clash

Looking at the composition on its own “The Clash” would be fitting as a title, there are a multitude of options the beholder of the imagery can think of from origin to what will happen from this moment on. It’s an image that lets you think about the scenerios but what is definitely about to happen will be some sort of heroic act where a clash is inevitable. Working from still images to pass on a fantasy that can be played like a movie in your mind is quite often the goal of my compositions. Something that makes you stop and wonder.

In contrary to a film or a book the outcome here isn’t already determined, with a single image you can let the fantasy find its own way and let someone wonder off. the power of fantasy art
is definitely strong enough to give a little boost to influence the mind. Like i am inspired by certain elements , things i read or see and i start working on things like this. my ending is determined for this piece. is yours?