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Contact us to discuss the project

Every custom design requires attention, like it takes time take depending on the project, this is the main reason we would like to discuss the project first


Payment and development

After the payment requirement is met we will start working on your order and we will deliver on the estimated day agreed upon. We try to schedule in our projects to work with care



We strive to get it right upon the first delivery but we are aware there are matters of personal taste, so if the finalized project needs some tweaks or adjustments this will be no problem



Please use the form if you have any questions or would like to discuss your personalized project being made. The desired outcome, whether this would be a logo or an album cover would vary in price depending on the level of difficulty. we do have a little guideline setup.

Also you can also contact us through social sites listed in the footer or header. keep in mind that the pricing listed below is an estimate of what the costs would be for a specific design and does not apply for canvass art. you can find that in the shop here

Logos: €35
Headers/banners :€45
Businesscards: €40
Albumcover: €65 (same goes 4 /mixtape/singles)
Flyers : €80
Posters: €90
Bookcovers: €100

depending on the project this is an estimate, please be in touch.
If you wish to read the term and conditions on how we work you can find this here


“I was acually being approached by thekonsept to work with one of my images, it was a little hassle because i do have sponsorships that are attached to copyrights but i liked the idea presented to have a drawing come to life and from a top viewpoint, i had no idea it could be done or how but i truly loved the design and even though this was basically an experiment , the outcome was awesome``


“23 projects finished with thekonsept and still returning each time, the approach is always personal and we always speak back n forth about thoughts and ideas, always a delivery above expectations. Visual stimulation is a big part in the music business and the many styles of creating the right image to fit my song, mixtape or album is always incredibly well executed.``

Paid Duez Young Euro

Recording Artist
“Quite Often i create shots of interest to me, mostly scenery or objects that catch my eye, when i have made a series i'm not fully happy with i often find myself going to thekonsept for retouching. Sometimes the smallest adaptations make my photos appear professionally shot.


Amateur Photographer
A journey through the mind

Innovative solutions
to boost your creative projects

Welcome to a journey of eye-catching visuals and affordable customized art. THEKONSEPT changed form and focus throughout the years and constantly expanded. We are finally here, a fast-growing graphic design studio with focus on branding for markets. We tend to those in need of a grabbing design, often working for media companies, the writers’ community, independent music artists or established record labels and just as easily accessible for individuals looking for for custom portrait work or event managers in need of flyers. Our possibilities are endless, and we are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver the highest possible quality designs.

  • High quality, Print ready at a low cost.
  • Communication is always key to get the best results.
  • Customer friendly, focused to always deliver satisfactory outcomes
  • We will help boost through social movement to get the word out.
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